My Love and I pt2

Hi everyone,

I’m back, but I forgot to mention in my last post that Ife is a prince. Yes, he is! So it’s not like I see him often, but he sends letters. I read the letters over and over again,[I didn’t say I communicate with him through letters alone].

He has gone to prepare a place for me in his father’s kingdom. These are what makes our relationship special.
Please don’t tell me I’m dreaming or deceiving myself because I’ve heard that numerous times, they are the same people who told me I don’t deserve his love. I don’t believe them. Ife’s words are so reassuring and I’m standing by them, anyday, anytime.

I’ve been mocked because of my relationship with him and the waiting, called names and in fact, denied some things.
Right now, my dreams are like dust in my hands, it’s the waiting.
The waiting is not boring as people think, it is not like I wait doing nothing. I follow what Ife wrote in his letters, these are the foundation of all my actions.
By now, you would have guessed who Ife is.
He is Jesus Christ, the Everlasting King, Prince of Peace. Life with him cannot be described in words. Some call it amazing, interesting …, I call it sensational though.
I am OR and this is my love story.


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