My Love and I pt1

I sat at the back of a taxi, the car galloped several times like a horse in a race as the driver tried to avoid potholes. I don’t blame the driver, I put the blame on the road.Nigeria road and potholes are like five and six.

_‘Sister, here is your change’_ the driver’s voice brought me back to the moment.
My mind had drifted afar; I was thinking about him again. You cannot blame me, I’m in love.

Fasten your belts as you join me on this ride……My love story.


My name is OR. I’m a penultimate year student in one of Nigeria’s most prestigious universities,studying a wonderful course. Trust me I love my course and sometimes I hype it. Just joined the twenties train and guess what? I’m in love.
Before I met him, I didn’t know what love was . To me, it was a fairy tale that never existed. I tell people that the word love was overrated. The case is different now,I can boldly say I’ve felt true love.

I don’t flaunt my relationship but most people are aware of my relationship with him. To make things easy, I will tell you how I met him….

How did I meet him? I can’t forget the encounter: I met him through a big uncle in an annual meeting. I was depressed and hurt but he changed everything within the few moments I spent with him,then I realised he has been chasing me for a long time before I gave him an audience.

*Don’t blame me,I didn’t notice*.

He has many names but I’ll mention a few. He is called Rockie, Peace, Love, Kadesh, Joshua,but I like calling him ‘Ife’, [a Yoruba translation of one of his names: Love].

Sometimes, I like to talk alot,other times I’m quiet but either ways,he is a great listener and very accommodating.
My relationship with Ife is special,so special to me and I mean special in everyway.How?

I will answer the question later**************


13 thoughts on “My Love and I pt1

  1. Hmmm… I know that feeling when you’re in love with Ife gangan…
    You’ll experience love in another dimension.. He’s the only one who knows how to capture ones heart with that unconditional love..
    Nice one dearie.. Can’t wait to know all about the love story #winks#.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Otunremmy is in love!!!
    Dami weds ife.. Smiles… I’m looking forward to knowing why relationship with him is special o.
    Good write up by the way.


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